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「Notice」 Promotion Zhengzhou Sunup Technology Co., Ltd 
 drgid (203.♡.26.186) | 12-12-23 17:39
  Web Address : http://www.drg.co.id/drg/bbs/tb.php/pasargigi/62

 Merry  Christmas  !  !




This is Abby Chu from Sunup Technology, we are a manufacturer of teeth whitening products.


Here below is our big promotion for the Christmas Day.(it is just effective fromDec.20 to Jan.10), please kindly check out :


100kits Teeth Whitening home kits FOR FREE is now available, when you order 2000kits at one time or accumulative total!


If you are our top 10 customers who order more than 2000 kits one time,you will be our VIP,and you can enjoy rights as follows:

1,Priority in delivery.

2,Whenever you order more than 2000,we will offer you 100 for free.

3,The lowest price.

Unit price:$3.1

One kit include:
3pcs 3 ML Teeth whitening gel(Strength from 0.1%cp to 44%cp)

2pcs mouth tray
1pc LED blue light
1 User's Manual
1 Paper Shade guide


Unit price:$3.49

One kit include:

3pcs 3 ML Peroxide Free Teeth whitening gel
2pcs mouth tray
1pc LED blue light
1 User's Manual
1 paper shade guide

      available for logo print and custom kits,
      choice of blue or white hold hand light


Unit price:$3.98

One kit include:

2* 2ml teeth whitening pen with CP gel

1* mini blue LED light

1* cheeck retractor

1* user's manual

1* paper shade guide


Unit price:$4.3

One kit include:

2* 2ml teeth whitening pen with CP gel

1* mini blue LED light

1* cheeck retractor

1* user's manual

1* paper shade guide

    available for logo print and custom kits,
    choice of blue or white hold hand light


Teeth whitening lamp:

Preferential benefit activity

3 Matched Professional Teeth Whitening Kits for FREE, when you order 1 set.


*Nice newest design;

*With 5 inch touch sreen;

*With High/middle/low power output.

*With Blue / Red / Blue&Red&purple / blue&Purple light.

 Blue for treatment, Red for relax the month, purple for

special whitening gel H2O2+TiO2

*Can be timed.

Promotion Unit Price: $ 368


More advantages:

If you place order during this promotion period, permanently you will:

* Enjoy prior delivery

* Get 100pcs for free when your MOQ:2000 about other teeth whitening products

 in the future



Besides,we also offer other teeth whitening products,and the price list is in attachment for your reference.


                                                   Your  smile , my  goal ! ! 


 Thanks so much for your attention to the above, please kindly check, should you have any questions about our other products, please kindly feel free to contact me.


Wish you the best of business!


Thanks & best regards!


Abby Chu


T:0086 371 55073318  F: 0086 371 55073318  M:008615516925226


Web site:http://www.cnsunup.com




Abby Chu

Zhengzhou Sunup Technology Co., Ltd.

T: 0086 371 55073318 | F: 0086 371 55073318 | M: 008615516925226

E: abby@sunupdental.com.cn

W: http://cnsunup.en.alibaba.com

Products Showroom on Alibaba.com


   http://: http://cnsunup.en.alibaba.com [3332]

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DIJUAL Cd / DVD E-Book / Video Dentistry
Bagi TS yang membutuhkan cd / dvd e-book ataupun video dentistry bergabung di Groups BBM kami Pin : D3278CF7, atau whatsapp / Line kami di no hp :081510825195, Line ID : drmounty,di BBM atau whatsapp / Line kami tersebut kami akan memberika…
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