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INTERNATIONAL Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by Traditional Healers to Treat Oral Health Problems in Cameroo
Objectives. The objective of the study was to determine the therapeutic methods used by traditional healers to treat oral diseases in Cameroon. Methods. A total of 200 traditional healers with a mean age of  years from all th…
cecilia angraini | 07-02 | view : 1832 | 1years ago
INTERNATIONAL gigi transparan (3)
gigi transparan
ADM DRG | 11-04 | view : 4082 | 3years ago
3SeriesDental model scannerThe 3Series is a compact 3D scanner embedded with a powerful computer and offered in flexible CAD configuration. Designed to evolve with the growing needs of laboratories, the 3Series is an affordable solution to which addi…
rivan | 06-20 | view : 2959 | 4years ago
INTERNATIONAL Ridge preservation with and without primary wounf closure a case ...
Ridge preservation with and without primary wounf closure a case ...
drgid | 03-27 | view : 5273 | 8years ago
INTERNATIONAL Alveolar Ridge Reconstruction with a Composite Alloplastic Biomaterial
Dr Myron++
drgid | 03-27 | view : 4647 | 8years ago
INTERNATIONAL Simultaneous Sinus Lift and Implant Installation
Simultaneous Sinus Lift and Implant Installation:Prospective Study of Consecutive Two HundredSeventeen Sinus Lift and Four HundredSixty-Two ImplantsHyun-Suk Cha, DDS, MSD, PhD;* Andrew Kim, DDS, MS;† Hessam Nowzari, DDS, PhD;†Hoo-Sun Chang, MD, P…
drgid | 03-27 | view : 13460 | 8years ago
INTERNATIONAL Why Are The Primary Teeth Important?
General TopicsWhy Are The Primary Teeth Important?It is very important to maintain the health of the primary teeth. Neglected cavities can and frequently do lead to problems which affect developing permanent teeth. Primary teeth, or baby teeth are im…
drgid | 09-01 | view : 15834 | 9years ago
Style DentalDentistryProfileDoctorsSpecialtyLocationReviewsBefore&AfterPrice ChartSpecialtySubmit your inquiryBased on extensive clinical expertise, Style Dental provides specialized medical care on following procedures:#1 : All Ceramic Crown &am…
drgid | 08-31 | view : 11378 | 9years ago




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